For me painting is an ancient need, a way to rediscover the most primal desire of human nature: to find pleasure in a world that can seem hostile.


My paintings arise from the perception I have of the world and of myself. They are the result of my personal trajectory, the atmosphere of the places where I grew up and of combining all the emotions that form me.


I paint recognizable images. The human figure is the undisputed protagonist, especially the female figure, which I endow with strength, rebellion and independence in an instinctive act of assertion.


For this reason, self-portraits and the solitary figure often appear. I like to play with ambiguity, by placing her in an atmosphere of subjectivity and hidden dreams. 


I have always been excited by the human body; naked, ordinary and imperfect, the infinite colours of the skin and the folds, the body as it moves, the body revealing its most intimate aspect.


I used to distort and exaggerate anatomical shapes, creating movement, but lately my work is more introspective and realistic.


My latest work called "Shibari" is a darkly erotic series where ropes transform the contour of the figure, adding new shapes and chiaroscuro that enrich it and enhance its sensuality.


The realistic figure is placed on flatter backgrounds to lift it out and give it prominence; often adorned with floral motifs as religious icons, these ornaments wrap and pamper the body so as not to leave it naked on a cold background. The floral motifs come from my veneration for Romantic, Pre-Raphaelite, and Symbolist artists. My interest in these masters has led me to work with the same techniques, always using oil on canvas or board.



I am compelled to paint because I strongly feel that it offers me the best opportunity to understand my life and the world.